Thursday, April 12, 2012

Solar panel power tolerance MATTERS!

You have decided to go for a greener home and install a pv system on your roof or field. You are searching for the best pv panels or the panels with the highest efficiency. 

You should include on your check list of the best solar panel the solar panel power tolerance of the panels. 

 It may affect your final cost, produced energy and final earnings.  
What is solar power tolerance
What does a solar panel’s power tolerance show? It is an indicator of the rated power tolerance of the specific module. Each pv panel claim a specific watt power. But be carefull cause this is the average watt power of the total solar panels you purchase. 

The actual watt power you purchase may be less, same, or more of the named power based on the measured power tolerance of each panels. The solar modules once they are manufactured they are sorted out based on their output capability. How?  Each module is exposed to a short light (1-30 millisecond of 1watt/m2) that resembles the sun's light. The energy output of the module is measured and once the data are collected in a computer then the specific module is characterized as e.g. a 180watt module or 300watt module. 

This difference in power if you see the technical datasheet of the solar modules is usually called as peak tolerance rating, or minimum power max, or minimum warranted power.

Why is solar panel power tolerance important
Because it makes a difference to the final energy your pv system will produce and the money you are going to spend in your system. 

You purchase solar panels with named power of 230watt, but  if the tolerance is -5%! you may end up with purchasing 225watt. As such the final cost of your panels should be in this is the case -5%. Is it? 
Some companies , sell only with positive tolerance, others with negative. 
The worst, exaggerated a little bit,  is to be delivered to you with -10% tolerance, which still makes the transaction legal for the installer, but the seller more rich since he actually paid for -10% of the cost. 

Therefore , you have to be aware of the power tolerance of your solar panels. And there has to be a consensus between you and the installing company that the final output of solar panels you ordered would be at the requested rate. 

Look at the technical specification sheet for this characteristic

So, next time you get solar offers from companies, have a look at this characteristic..

It matters to the total pricing at the end. Or else use it as negotiating tool with your installing company either to get lower price or secure that you will have solar panels with only positive tolerance. 

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  1. The actual watt power you purchase may be less, same, or more of the named power based on the measured power tolerance of each panels. electric solar panels